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by Meike Müller
In this article, we would like to give you some helpful tips and tricks for working with Shopware. If you have any further questions or need more information about creating an online shop with Shop ware, we will be happy to assist you from the development of your online store to the support and monitoring of your online store.


With this attachment fix you can solve the problem that linked downloads are suddenly no longer displayed after a Shopware update

UPDATE `s_articles_downloads` SET `filename` = TRIM(TRIM(TRAILING '\r' FROM TRIM(TRAILING '\n' FROM TRIM(`filename`))));

What makes Shopware so special?

In order to offer customers an emotional shopping experience, Shopware has so-called shopping worlds. They are based on the fundamental principle that purchasing decisions are primarily driven by emotions. You can create an entire world around your products using images, banners, videos and HTML texts. You don't need any great prior knowledge or technical know-how - Shopware takes care of the basic settings for you. We are happy to take care of the basic Shopware setup and installation for you!

Emotional shopping and Shopware shopping worlds

70% of all purchasing decisions are based on gut feeling. Touching the buyer on an emotional level is therefore often crucial. This has long been known in stationary retail and is utilized through particularly creatively designed shop windows or sales areas and atmospheric music. However, customers can also be addressed on an emotional level in online retail - emotional shopping is the keyword here. Personal contact, olfactory design or directly touching and trying on the goods may not be possible here, but other sales arguments can be used online. It is important to present the product in a meaningful way, with all its advantages, and good product photos that create a certain atmosphere for the customer are important here. Product videos with music can also have a convincing effect. It is also important to avoid negative emotions. Therefore, the right online store should not only look good but also be functional and fast.

Shopware supports online store operators in their emotional shopping plans with its shopping worlds and integrated storytelling function. With the store worlds, you can create a digital shop window for your customers and inspire them with your products. An individual, well thought-out design of your website will immediately catch your customer's eye. You can create your online store in the Shopware backend using existing Shopware templates. After setting up the shopping world within the store, your customers will be directed to various pages on which your product is presented in an individual and appealing way - including large images and targeted content. In this way, the customer is emotionally involved in the process. For a successful online store that operates on an emotional level, it is not enough to simply place articles, you also need to build a story around the product. Where does the product come from? How was it created? What does your company stand for? Nowadays, customers pay close attention to whether a product and company have a meaningful background or are simply standardized. So set yourself apart from the competition - the best way to do this is with creativity. So get started now and impress your potential customers with a customized Shopware online store. Don't forget to constantly optimize your store and adapt it to current e-commerce trends.

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