From idea to company.

EXWE grows with its tasks every day. Because a company is not created on the drawing board


Every good story starts with a good idea. Yuri Struszczynski is the founder of EXWE and pursued a simple idea after studying computer science: Develop software out of a passion for technology. In 2016, the time had come: two friends of Yuri were looking for a partner for a shared office and so EXWE UG was founded in the office in Ernst-Melich-Straße (Dortmund).

EXWE Gründer Yuri im Jahr 2016
Schild EXWE am ersten Büro in Dortmund
Autobeschriftung EXWE Individualsoftware
EXWE Markeneintragung
Auto mit EXWE Autobeschriftung vor Berglandschaft
Schreibtisch mit vielen Post-its
EXWE Büroansicht 2017

The collaboration in Ernst-Mehlich-Straße was a complete success and, as a young start-up, we were able to learn a lot in a very short space of time. We added our first EUR 450 employees and tried to position ourselves more flexibly.


Those who work passionately don't stay alone for long and so Benni joined us in 2018 as our first permanent software developer. However, this addition was followed by a separation and we left the work group in Ernst-Mehlich-Straße and moved to Dortmund's Tremonia Park.

Geschäftsführer Chris mit einer Tasse Kaffee
Erster Angestellter Benni
Mitarbeiterin mit Zauberwürfel
Geschäftsführer Yuri mit Kaktus
Geschäftsführer Yuri und Chris
Programmierer Benni mit Shopware Zertifikat
EXWE Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen
EXWE wird zum Fotostudio
EXWE Geschäftsführer Chris und Yuri

2019 was a pivotal year for the company: Chris joined us as our second Managing Director and opened our branch office in Düsseldorf at the same time, which significantly accelerated EXWE's growth once again. If you want to grow, you need more space and so, after just one year at Leierweg 17, we moved one building further to Leierweg 13, where we can develop even better. More space, more comfort, happier employees.

Softwareentwickler Benni am Schreibtisch
Softwareprogrammierer bei der Arbeit
Geschäftsführer Yuri am Schreibtisch
EXWE Büro mit arbeitenden Entwicklern

2020 has challenged and encouraged us. Like many companies, we faced a number of problems this year. But we don't call ourselves problem finders and problem solvers for nothing - obstacles really get us going. That's why we can end this year with new customers, our first apprentice Lennart, our first in-house trainer Benni, three new employees (greetings to Thomas, Lisa and René) and a lot of fun and great moments. We started the year with three employees and ended it with eight - so it didn't go so badly after all.

Exwe is growing with its tasks every day and so an idea becomes a company.

Softwareentwickler im Moviepark
Azubi Lennart und Mitarbeiterin Lisa auf der Terrasse des Büros
Benni mit Ausbilder Zertifikat
Entwickler Rene am Schreibtisch im Tiger-Kostüm
Softwareprogrammierer Thomas am Schreibtisch
EXWE Team mit goldenen Luftballons
Einblick in das Dortmunder Büro
Mitarbeiter Thomas vor dem Computer


Sommerfeier des EXWE Teams
EXWE Teamevent Moviepark
EXWE Tischtennis Pokal
Umsatzsteigerung für deinen Onlineshop
EXWE Gespräche in der Pause

2021 was all about growth for us! Our team has also grown significantly this year and we now have 14 employees at Exwe. With more manpower, we were able to make even more customers happy, master challenges together and build a good team despite long periods of working from home. We had a lot of fun together at team events and got to know each other even better. Chris and Yuri have also taken on a teaching role in the eCommerce Manager (IHK) training course at the Business Akademie Ruhr - another cool way to pass on our know-how!

We are ending the year full of confidence and are looking forward to continuing to take off in 2022, growing as a company to meet challenges and constantly improving!


2022 EXWE shines in a new look. Bright purple and the cyan you are already familiar with are an essential part of our new minimalist design. We presented the new design at our first trade fair appearance at the Reality Job Fair.

We also welcomed new team members this year. But what makes us particularly proud - since August, we have been training two job profiles and are delighted to announce that our first apprentice has successfully completed his training as an IT specialist.

EXWE Neues Design 2023
EXWE Messeauftritt Reality IT
EXWE Azubi Gowsik Fachinformatiker
EXWE Azubi Büromanagement Luca


EXWE Büro in Dortmund
EXWE Teambuilding Grillen
EXWE Teambuilding Bergmann Brauerei
EXWE Teambuildinng Phoenix des Lumieres

2023 was another year full of growth for us and, as we know, long-term and sustainable growth requires good structures. Expanding these was therefore at the top of our to-do list for 2023. Our team structures in particular were adapted and we ended the year with over 20 employees for the first time. Our office has also been shining in new splendor since this year. More structured, more straightforward and with a new industrial-style meeting room, it now offers more modern workspaces.

As the number of employees grows, we continue to attach great importance to a great team atmosphere and so a number of team events took place this year. In addition to the summer party and Christmas party, our plans included top golf, games evenings, barbecues and a visit to the Bergmann brewery.

We are looking forward to 2024 with great curiosity!

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