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Software development -
for small and medium enterprises

Programmers from Dortmund and Düsseldorf


Basic Webapps are suitable for
Digitalization of data maintenance
Automation of processes & statistics
Add & Editing via classic forms
Project scope from 5 man days
from 3999 EUR
plus VAT


Dynamic Webapps are suitable for
Highly dynamic webapps
Provision of data via APIs (REST / GraphQL)
Add & edit on the fly via dynamic forms (autosave)
Project scope
from 15 man days
from 11999 EUR
plus VAT


Collaborative webapps are suitable for
Real-time applications (e.g. chats)
High performance with many parallel users
Add & edit on the fly and live update on all clients
Project scope from 25 man days
from 19999 EUR
plus VAT.

Software development in three disciplines

How complex does a software really have to be in order to serve its target group optimally or to reliably take over its job? Over the last few years, EXWE has had the privilege of taking over many legacy applications and our findings have often been shocking. Again and again there were two extremes: Either the software was completely over-dimensioned for its intended purpose or the application simply could not meet the necessary requirements in terms of performance, security or user-friendliness.
security or user-friendliness. We have worked intensively and in many software projects on a simple structure of our development packages. The target vector for us is always the target group and colloquially, how fancy your application has to be, so that the application is accepted by your employees. For us, three concrete models crystallize how we develop your software: Basic, Dynamic, Collaborative
Software systems from EXWE were used, among others, for (excerpt)
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A word with our customers

"The development of our application took place iteratively. EXWE was also involved conceptually in the development process and thus made a significant contribution to the success of the end product. We very rarely experience this at this level with IT service providers. We recommend EXWE with a clear conscience!"

Patrick S. from Qualityfactor

"Competent, creative, innovative, serious and fair.... with EXWE we exceed our set goals time and time again. An absolutely trustworthy partnership that we no longer want to miss."

Andreas Kolodinski from

"EXWE is a reliable and competent partner that enables us through constant support, the operation and further development of our own ERP landscape. In the process, the often very complex requirements are always budgeted and implemented professionally. In EXWE we have found a partner for the future".

Jos Jonkere from Promostore GmbH

IT projects - most recently completed and found to be good

Mockup für Software Entwicklung
Award platform for the Regionale2020
Mockup Vertriebstool für Software Entwicklung
Product configurator & sales tool
Atlas Copco Compressors Shop
Mockup Gebäudeprüfung für Software Entwicklung
Dashboard for building inspections
DPS - The testing company
Mockup Intranet für Software Entwicklung
Intranet communication platform
BigPlayer of the european sports retail

Our three development approaches for technology lovers with further details

Basic Dynamic Collaborative
approximate factor of development times 1x 1.5x 2x
Techology stack PHP PHP & JavaScript JavaScript
Backend Technologies Symfony, Zend Framework Symfony NodeJS
Front-end technologies Symfony, Bootstrap Bootstrap, Vue.js Bootstrap, Vue.js
Dynamic frontend
Dynamic Backend
GIT versioning
Own Development System
Developments & Tests on DEV
Hosting / Runtime Environment nginx Managed Server
from 17 EUR per month
nginx Managed Server
from 17 EUR per month
Cloud PaaS
from 100 EUR per month

Fast software development & innovative development concepts from Dortmund and Düsseldorf

In the last years we could already convince many SME's but also BigPlayers on the German and European market of our innovative development services. For many of these customers we were able to transform the once independent development projects into a permanent software development cycle. For us, a software only works well when it is 100% established in your company. Creating this acceptance works very well when the systems are permanently developed, bugs are fixed and new features are established at the request of the staff.

We therefore always recommend a combination of a defined development project and a subsequent continuation as a support project. You will find additional information on this below.

Support for your application, because only a living software system,
which is constantly updated and extended, finds the necessary acceptance.

for startup companies for small & medium sized companies for Enterprise customers
You book a support contingent from 2h per month 8h mth. 24h per month
and receive the following free benefits
GIT versioning
Own Development System
Developments & Tests on DEV
Monitoring: Availability
Monitoring: Performance Monitoring,
Stack Traces, Exceptions and SQL & Server Errors
from 89 EUR per month from 89 EUR per month from 89 EUR per month
Own support tool
Own contact person
Telephone support
Emergency number
Guaranteed Response Time 8h 6h 4h

Personal support from experts and fully tailored to your needs and company size

Sit back and relax and put your software systems technologically in our hands. For every budget and with many free benefits - even in our beginner models with important Featues. EXWE for your software development.

EXWE Geschäftsführer Chris für Software Entwicklung
EXWE Geschäftsführer Yuri EXWE für Software Entwicklung

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EXWE: Programmers tailor digitalization solutions for complex business processes

The digitization of your business processes often appears very complex. EXWE therefore first breaks down your process structure into small process chains and thus identifies the actual point of the problem. Our approach to solving this problem is pragmatic and usually begins with a survey of the actual processes. The technical expertise of our programmers and the number of implemented software projects allow us to define the target environment on this basis.
From this delta of actual and target, we derive a tailor-made software solution based on state-of-the-art technologies and proven software architectures. Our expertise in software development guarantees you a robust application with a high degree of maintainability and expandability.

Foto Ideenfindung an der Tafel für Software Entwicklung

From your problem to your solution!
You have questions or an idea? We are happy to advise you, by phone or mail.

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Our technologies


Our programmers have years of positive experience with agile software development and the implementation according to this method in small and medium-sized companies. This means that we repeatedly review the web application in short cycles together with you. This way, additional requirements or misunderstandings can be identified early on. To support this agile process, we rely on automation of tests, build processes and deployment of the applications.

in the backend

Business solutions must be robust. That's why our programmers prefer typed languages like Java or C# for backend development and benefit from the extensive plugin landscape. But script languages like PHP or JS are also possible. For larger applications, we divide the expertise into several web services. This makes it easier to scale and maintain the application.

DB or
Graph DB?

We have experience with different relational databases (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server) as well as with graph databases (RDF). In accordance with your requirements, we will be happy to advise you in order to find a suitable architecture.

Interface /

An intuitive user interface is essential for the efficient operation of your application. We primarily rely on a web UI as access. For the realization we use single page applications with modern frameworks like Angular 7+ or React as well as static websites with PHP and JS.

Our projects

Learn more about our customers, projects and solutions

Business solutions from EXWE - your IT service provider from Dortmund and Düsseldorf: We solve your problems systematically, flexibly & cost-effectively. We attach great importance to the fact that our solutions can be easily maintained and expanded. This means that your company can continue to grow and is not slowed down by outdated applications or software. To give you a better impression of what is possible - we have already implemented the following solutions:
To the references

  • Development of a distributed system for the analysis of DNA samples including webapp for control and monitoring
    .NET, WCF, WPF, NHibernate, MySQL, jQuery, Angular.js, HTML5, SVN

  • Reimplementation of a legacy application for market analysis as a scalable Microsoft Azure cloud application.
    .NET, ASP.NET Web API 2, Entity Framework, SQL Server, various Azure Services, Angular.js, HTML5, CSS, Git

  • Architecture and development of multiple webapps to unify master data management.
    .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, SQL Server, Angular 6, Aurelia, TypeScript, HTML5, SASS/SCSS, SAP HANA, Neo4J graph database, RDF graph databases [Jena Fuseki, Virtuoso], Gitlab, NPM, CI/CD, Kubernetes
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