HubSpot and Shopware 5 / 6 interface.The Shopware plugin between your Shopware 5 or Shopware 6 store and the HubSpot universe.

EXWE ist HubSpot Solutions Provider und hat eine Shopware 5 und Shopware 6 Schnittstelle

Let HubSpot connect with Shopware now

Collect, update and market your valuable customer base completely automated

With the HubSpot - Contacts & Deals plugin from EXWE, you can easily, automatically and without your own effort transfer your orders and contacts from your Shopware store to the CRM of HubSpot. After initial setup, all existing and new customers as well as orders are transferred directly to your HubSpot account.



  • Orders are transferred as Deals and items are now split into LineItems & the Hubspot product catalog is populated. This has only been possible on Hubspot side like this for a short time.
  • Functionality implemented for Shopware 6
  • Subshop functionality implemented
  • DGSVO compliant subscription to HubSpot lists
Grafik Shop, Stammdaten, HubSpot

Components of the HubSpot-Shopware interface

Customer base
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • email
  • phone
DSGVO compliant subscription
  • dealname
  • amount
  • dealstage
  • closedate
Extended deal properties
  • store
  • customergroup
  • accountmode
  • paymenttype
  • quantity
  • order number
  • articlenumber
  • ean
  • amount_tax
  • amount_gross
  • totalamount_brutto
Line-Items & Products

In the latest Hubspot versions, orders (deals) can now finally consist of multiple items (LineItems) that are fed from a product catalog.

Products & LineItems require the Sales Hub Professional. Without Sales Hub Professional, we transfer each item as a single deal.
Your desired function

This software can be extended and customized to your specific needs. Transferring free text fields from Shopware is no problem.

Zertifizierung: Shopware 5, Certified Developer für Onlineshop Erstellung

Shopware 5 ready

We are an officially certified Shopware partner of shopware AG and offer our customers a professional Hubspot interface to Shopware.

Zertifizierung: Shopware 6, Certified Developer für Onlineshop Erstellung

Shopware 6 ready

Our plugin is ready for Shopware 6. It is also possible to switch from our 5 plugin to the 6 version later.

The EXWE HubSpot & Shopware interface is in productive use at (excerpt)
PC Atlas Copco
Compressors Shop
PC ThankYouJane
A word with our customers
Grafik Schnittstelle Shopware und HubSpot

The EXWE HubSpot Contacts & Deals plugin takes information from your Shopware store and syncs it with HubSpot.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps your business stream content, convert leads, and close deals. HubSpot is a leading customer relationship management and incredibly powerful marketing tool that lets you track and segment customers so you can market to the right audience every time. Especially for sales, marketing, and service, you're right on target with HubSpot. Make the most of your marketing efforts by connecting your Shopware store directly to HubSpot. With our plugin, you collect, update, and market your valuable customer base completely automatically and generate more leads. Customer data, order data, sales history, placed orders are clearly displayed and evaluated.

Shopping cart data, order data and much more are automatically synchronized with your HubSpot portal. This enables pinpoint marketing campaigns and workflows!

Connecting Shopware and HubSpot helps increase online sales from new customers and repeat sales from existing customers. The connector transfers all customer and order data automatically and continuously. HubSpot is only as valuable as the customer data it contains. Our plugin ensures that the activities from your store are always mapped completely and up-to-date in your HubSpot portal. We take care of your professional advertising presence, create and maintain your Shopware store and, in combination with HubSpot, ensure the perfect evaluation of your customer information. This way, you can collect it all in one place and create an even better experience for your customers.

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