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Campaign setup and keyword research + technical support from Dortmund and Düsseldorf - Optimal targeting. Campaign setup, keyword research, ad testing & optimization for advanced e-commerce.

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A technically flawless and super-fast store is the be-all and end-all in e-commerce. We provide reliable support for your online store so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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Best practice in performance marketing: Ostermann & Bauportal24h

Successful increase of KPI's through performance marketing by EXWE


Ostermann was founded in 1949 and over the decades the former small store with 45 sqm became exclusive furnishing centers in Witten, Haan, Bottrop, Recklinghausen and Leverkusen. Today Ostermann is the largest furnishing company in West Germany with more than 1700 employees.

Google Ads since EXWE
Turnover +137 %
Orders +142 %
Sales rate +87 %
Reach +27 %
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Construction portal24h

The company Fritz Kruse Baumaschinen GmbH is a trading and service company for the main and secondary construction trade that has been in existence for over 100 years and is one of the top sellers in the construction machinery industry.

Google & Bing channels since EXWE
Sales +105 %
Orders +87 %
Return-On-Adspend +24 %
Reach +61 %
alternative retargeting solution since EXWE
Sales +150 %
Return-On-Adspend +450 %

Numbers don't lie. If we have piqued your interest, let's talk about your SEA project.

SEA - an interplay of creativity, data and technology

EXWE does not see itself as a classic advertising or SEA agency, like many other service providers on the market. We are an IT service provider with a high level of technical know-how. This has many advantages for SEA management.

SEA is only partly creative. However, the added value for successful SEA management must be driven by numbers and data. This is where our strength lies. Through targeted technical automation, superfluous costs can be avoided. Both for clicks and for man-hours - internally and externally.

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Absolute transparency through reporting + explanation

For us, "reporting" does not mean sending you an Excel spreadsheet with a few unrelated numbers once a month.
From us you will receive meaningful Google Data Studio dashboards on various key figures of your online store. Furthermore, once a month, you will receive a personalized email from us with the most important explanations of the four reports. Status-quo info, budget-turnover forecasts and other good-to-knows are also included here. Here are our SEA reports at a glance.


How much revenue at what cost your advertising efforts are generating at total, campaign & product level.

Competitiveness of inventory

Here you can see in which products you are unbeatable in terms of price and where there may be further revenue levers.

Multi-channel evaluation

In this dashboard, we put the performance of your SEA campaigns in the overall context of your other revenue channels. The dashboard is our answer to silo thinking.

Management board

Don't feel like reading three reports every month / week / day? No problem! On this board we summarize the most important KPIs specifically for your online store in a short and concise way.

Excellent performance marketing for the channels: Search, Display,
Shopping, YouTube & Price Search Engines

As experts in the support of online stores, we have accumulated a wide range of expertise in the control of SEA campaigns over the years. Our technical expertise allows us to go one step further for our clients than is possible with many traditional advertising agencies, where this know-how is often lacking.

SEA campaigns require a high level of maintenance and optimization, as this is the only way to constantly improve the cost-benefit ratio. We provide comprehensive support for your campaigns and ensure optimal control. We take care of campaign implementation, keyword search, ad testing and optimization, and analyze digital growth potential for you.

Furthermore, we always consider your SEA key figures in the overall context of your online store's performance and monitor your reports within Google Analytics. Only through this holistic view do we achieve the transparency you need and drive the overall goal of your business forward and upward.

We value close and regular collaboration with our clients, because no one knows your business better than you do. During joint performance calls, we review KPIs and share our knowledge and potential. We are happy to test new products and whole product categories as well as betas with you to shape the market together.

With expertise and passion we cover all types of campaigns in Search Engine Advertising: Google search ads, Google display ads, Google shopping ads, app campaigns, YouTube ads and Microsoft ads.

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