That is why the file name should not contain "Advertising"

by Meike Müller
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As we have experienced for ourselves, we would like to point out that you should not upload any images with file names containing the abbreviation "advertisement" to your server. The reason: Many AdBlockers block the download of these images. It took us a while to get to the bottom of this, as we were always wondering why some images on our site that were tagged with "advertising" were not being displayed. But again, only for a few customers. You grow with your mistakes and perhaps we can advise you in this case and save you a tedious search. Do you need more information about e-commerce or do you need advice because you are facing problems? We at EXWE are here for you!

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AdBlock error with "advertisement" in file names

Grafik AdBlocker Fehler bei Werbung im Namen

So what you should leave out

  • my_advertisement.jpg
  • your_ads.png
  • customer_adbanner_1.jpg
  • customer_adbanner_3.jpg

What does an AdBlocker actually do?

The AdBlocker is there to recognize annoying advertisements on websites and then hide them. It can happen that the AdBlocker hides the wrong images or texts just because "advertising" is in the file name or text, as in the blog above.

Does an AdBlocker make sense for you?

An AdBlocker makes sense for you if you don't want to be overloaded with advertising on every page, and it is also more effective, as advertising or annoying content can stop you from working.

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from 01.03.2021

Hello, my name is Meike. I take care of the EXWE back office and am responsible for our social media channels. All of our articles are meant to make your life easier and help you make decisions. Nevertheless, it can happen that something remains unclear, so: If you have questions about this article you can easily reach me at +49 231 93149827.

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