Shopware 7? Release date, features and more

by Meike Müller

Shopware 7 Release: What to expect

The Shopware store system is constantly evolving. With a market share of 12.2% among the top 1,000 online stores in Germany with the highest sales, Shopware is the most popular store system and is used by many store operators to offer users a great shopping experience. The last major version Shopware 6 is already four years old. It's no wonder that many store owners and developers are already thinking about Shopware 7. In this blog post, we want to give you an overview of the current state of the store system and the possible developments with Shopware 7. So stay tuned if you are as excited about the Shopware 7 release as we are!


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What to expect in this article:


The current Shopware version

The Shopware store system for e-commerce stores already exists as Shopware 6 version. Since the first release in the Early Access version in July 2019, many more changes have been made, each of which is recorded in the Shopware 6 changelog. On 10/04/2023, the last version of Shopware 6 to date was released, Shopware You can easily update to the new versions if you have already migrated to Shopware 6. For the update from 6.4 to 6.5, there is a guide on the Shopware website that explains exactly what you need to consider. For example, all extensions must be temporarily deactivated.


What is the Shopware Roadmap?

In the Shopware Roadmap, which can also be found online, store owners and developers can find out about all the planned developments, improvements and new features that are coming in the future or are even being worked on right now. On Shopware's website, you can then read in the "Ongoing" categories what is currently being worked on or has been released within the last two months. In "Next" are all planned tasks or topics that will be processed when all to-dos from the category "Ongoing" are completed. In "Future" are topics that the Shopware developers already have in mind. By the way, here you can always give feedback on what would be important to you on these topics.


Shopware 7 Release: This could come

Which changes and functions will come with Shopware 7 can of course only be assumed so far. The features already planned in the Shopware Roadmap are promising and also suggest an exciting Shopware 7 that will further optimize online commerce for you as a store owner. Because the needs of users are constantly changing and the technological development continues to advance and thus the after a new Shopware version is always greater. A release date is unfortunately not yet known and Shopware 7 has not yet been announced.

Meanwhile, the Shopware store system is offered in three different price models: Rise, Evolve and Beyond. All models have a different scope of services and so the planned updates in Shopware 6 are not always available for all three models. For which version the update is being developed, however, you can also recognize in the roadmap by significant badges. For Shopware 7, it can be assumed that not all functions will be available in every price range and that the gradation into different models will continue.


The advantages of upgrading to the latest Shopware version

In almost all cases, we recommend that you run your Shopware store on the latest version. This is for a variety of reasons. So when it comes to Shopware 7 release, you should migrate it as soon as possible. Because with the latest Shopware version, you can directly benefit from all the improvements and newly added features, improving your user experience and efficiency. Of course, updating also makes sense in terms of security patches, improvements and security updates. In addition, the latest Shopware version is adapted to current technological developments, which can also increase performance and scalability of your store. In terms of usability, adaptability and performance, new versions will also perform better.


How long will Shopware 5 be supported?

By now, many store owners should have already switched from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6. If this is not yet the case for you, you should make the migration quickly. The developers of Shopware have only made bug fixes, improvements and legally required changes until the end of July 2023. Security updates will also be made until the end of July 2024. After that, however, Shopware 5 is over. It's best to migrate now to take advantage of all the features and improvements of Shopware 6! As a help, there is a migration tool with the migration assistant of Shopware, which you can find in the Shopware Store and helps you to update your store system. Of course, you can also contact us, because we will gladly help you to bring your online store up to date and to optimize it.


Our conclusion about Shopware 7

There are no plans to release Shopware 7 yet. But we will inform you in any case about innovations regarding a Shopware 7 release. We will be happy to assist you with the smooth implementation of the new Shopware version. Because the effort from one version to a fully new version is not to be underestimated. This has already been shown with the migration from Shopware 5 to 6. So if you need support with the migration or other challenges with Shopware such as configurations, error messages, etc., you can contact us as a Shopware agency at any time.

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