The Idealo integration for the Shopware online store

by Meike Müller

You already have a Shopware 6 online store and want to expand your sales? With the integration of the price comparison portal Idealo, you have the opportunity to use another marketing channel to achieve more conversions and increase your sales. How you can use Idealo, what advantages it has and much more we will tell you in this article.


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Table of Contents:


  1. What is Idealo anyway?
  2. And what is the Idealo direct purchase?
  3. The Idealo interface in Shopware
  4. Requirements for the integration
  5. The advantages of Idealo
  6. What does Idealo cost?
  7. FAQ
    1. What product data is synchronized between Idealo and Shopware 6?
    2. Can I synchronize my orders and order status between Idealo and Shopware 6?
    3. Does the integration of Idealo with Shopware 6 also support updating stock and prices?
    4. Is there a way to test the integration before it goes live?
    5. What are the costs associated with the integration of Idealo and Shopware 6?
    6. Is there a repricer for Idealo?
    7. What is magnalister?



What is Idealo anyway?

Idealo is a popular price comparison portal that is used not only throughout Germany, but also in many European countries, to compare the prices of products on the various marketplaces and online stores. This gives customers a helpful overview of which stores offer the products they are looking for at the lowest prices. According to its own data, Idealo has an average of 76 million monthly visits in Germany.

Merchants, on the other hand, can use Idealo as another marketing and sales channel to raise their profile and generate conversions. Find out how you can become an Idealo retailer in this article.


Idealo direct purchase - discontinued since the end of 2022

Idealo had also offered the so-called "Idealo Direct Buy" for a while. This was a button with the inscription "Buy now". The products that had this button could be purchased directly from Idealo without the need to register with the online store. However, this function no longer exists as it has since Dec. 31, 2022. According to Idealo, users do use the price comparison in Idealo, but then prefer to order the products directly from the online stores.

Customers can therefore simply continue to use the price comparison, create notepads and set a price alarm for products that interest them. Only the direct purchase is omitted.


The Idealo interface in Shopware

In Shopware 6 you will find a sales channel called "Product comparison". There you have the possibility to transfer your product exports to price portals. Here you can also give your products directly to Idealo to market them there as well. For example, you can use an export template that works with Twig variables. This has the advantage that you can make changes without any problems and export your products again to transfer the changes to the price portals.


Alternatively, you can also manage the connection with a plugin from EXWE. The data is transferred directly via API to Idealo. The biggest advantage is the speed. Thus, a product feed does not always have to be generated first. The item data is collected by code and then transferred via API. In Shopware 6, the selection of articles is regulated via a "dynamic product group", in which the conditions are then defined. The settings are read out by EXWE and, based on the conditions, the item data of the products can be compiled, which are then to be transferred. Likewise, a mechanism is integrated that really only transfers the articles to Idealo when changes are made. The product feed that is generated always contains absolutely all the articles that are to be listed on Idealo. For our customer Bauportal, for example, we transfer the entire very extensive product range once initially. After that, only changes are transferred to Idealo. This means that the changes are displayed very quickly in Idealo. This is especially important for price updates and when items are no longer in stock, so that no oversales are generated. So you always have everything up to date and keep track of your products and your online store! We are happy to assist you with the connection to Idealo. We have already helped many customers to expand their sales channels and are always happy when we can help our customers to generate more sales with our technical know-how and our plugins.


Requirements for the integration

If you have decided to use Idealo, you should first check if you meet all the requirements. If not, you should deal with it first before tackling the integration. The most obvious point is of course that you have an online store, preferably a Shopware store. We have briefly summarized other points that are important for the integration:






The advantages of Idealo

You might be wondering why you should connect Idealo to your online store in the first place in order to use the platform. For this reason, we have summarized an overview of the many advantages of Idealo for you:

  • It is another sales channel that is risk-free, as there is a commission on sales that is only incurred when an order is placed
  • In addition, you receive the amount for the orders immediately, it is not first transferred to Idealo
  • With Idealo you have access to new customers that you would not reach otherwise.
  • Your personal branding also appears in Idealo
  • You can use your shipping method and your shipping provider, because the order is placed in your online store and not in the price comparison site.

In our opinion, the advantages are really convincing. However, using the price comparison portal is not always worth it. Especially if you sell niche products, it hardly makes sense to use Idealo. Only products that can be compared are relevant for Idealo. In addition, you should also keep in mind that only a good or perhaps even the best price will probably bring you more sales. If you have the highest price compared to other online stores, probably no Idealo user will buy the product on your online store. Of course, with over 50,000 stores using Idealo, the competition is also very high. Before you decide to use Idealo, it's worth doing a little research. Are your products already being compared on Idealo? How many retailers offer them and what are the prices like? Depending on that, it is worth to connect Idealo, because the costs are not very high, if you don't sell anything.


The costs of Idealo

The registration at Idealo is free of charge for merchants. If you, as a merchant, have transferred products to the Idealo platform, costs only become due when a user clicks on your offer and thus enters your online store. Thus, idealo uses the so-called cost-per-click billing model. The cost per click depends on the category of your products. The standard price for products is 0,56 € per click. In some categories the price is higher. Here you can find an overview of the costs per click:


A basic fee is not due if you have a minimum purchase of 20 euros per month on Idealo. In principle, there is also no minimum contract period. You can always cancel with a notice period of four weeks to the end of the quarter.



Our conclusion for the integration of Idealo

If you not only want to sell your products directly from your online store, but are also looking for a way to market them on other platforms, Idealo is the ideal place to start. Here, users search specifically for products that they would also like to buy. The probability of a conversion is therefore very high. In addition, with Idealo you only incur costs if a product is actually purchased. In principle, you can only profit with Idealo! From our point of view, it is definitely worth considering whether Idealo as a marketing channel is not a very good option for you. Of course, we would be happy to advise you on this and, if you wish, also help you with the implementation for your company.



FAQ about the Idealo integration

Now that you have received the most important information about the integration of Idealo in Shopware, we would like to answer a few more questions that you might have asked yourself. Here you will find some more details that might be interesting for you if you want to work with Idealo in the future. Do you have any further questions? Then feel free to contact our experts - by phone or via the contact form. We are happy to help you with your concerns at any time!

  • Which product data is synchronized between Idealo and Shopware 6?

    In order for your products to be represented on the Idealo platform, some data must be transferred. If you want to learn more about this, you can read the Partner Web Service (PWS 2.0) API Documentation from Idealo. Here you will get all the information you need before the data transfer.

  • Can I synchronize my orders and order status between Idealo and Shopware 6?

    Your orders and the order status were only displayed in Idealo when the Idealo direct purchase was still available. However, since this has been deactivated, there is no longer any synchronization or order import.


  • Does the integration of Idealo with Shopware 6 also support the update of stock and prices?

    Stocks cannot be transferred to the comparison portal Idealo. If an item should no longer be sold, you simply have to deactivate the item at Idealo.

  • Is there a way to test the integration before it goes live?

    There is a way to test the integration beforehand via the API. However, for this you need to contact Idealo to get access data, so that you can then transfer the products and retrieve them there.

  • What are the costs associated with the integration of Idealo and Shopware 6?

    Generally, there are no setup or basic fees. You only ever pay per click on the offers. We have explained more about the details for the costs per click in the article above. Of course, there are also costs when you integrate Idealo and set up the product feed. So depending on how experienced you are in the field, you should allow about 1-2 days of work on the integration in your budget plan. The prerequisite for this is that you have already correctly maintained and available your data beforehand.

  • Is there a repricer for Idealo?

    First, you may want to know what a repricer is in the first place and why it can be helpful. A repricer is a tool or software that automates repricing by continuously monitoring and adjusting the prices of products on online marketplaces. This allows sellers to maintain competitive prices and optimally position their products in price search engines to increase visibility and sales. So, what this means is that a repricer makes sure that you stick to the price you set, but so you also have the ability to automatically adjust the price if needed to be at the top of Idealo, for example. Idealo does not offer any repricing software itself. So you only have the option to always adjust the price yourself and monitor your offers or use an external repricer. There are several on the market like for example:


    1. "SellerLogic": This repricer provides automatic price adjustment based on individual strategies and competitor data. It takes into account factors such as shipping costs, sales history and feedback rankings to set the optimal prices for products on Idealo.

    2. "xSellco Repricer": This repricer enables dynamic pricing on Idealo by automatically monitoring and adjusting prices based on real-time data. It also provides the ability to set custom repricing rules and strategies to maximize margins.

    3. "RepricerExpress": This repricer provides automated price optimization for Idealo and other marketplaces. It continuously analyzes competitors' prices and adjusts its own prices to stay competitive. Individual repricing rules and strategies can also be set.


  • What is magnalister?

    Magnalister is an e-commerce software that helps store owners sell their products on various online marketplaces. Unlike the price comparison site Idealo, your products are sold directly on online marketplaces. Magnalister simplifies the process of product exports by providing a centralized platform for configuring and listing items on various marketplaces.

    Store owners can use Magnalister to capture and manage their product data in a consistent format. By integrating different store systems, they can automatically convert their product data into a data feed that is accepted by different marketplaces. This data feed contains all relevant information about the products, such as title, description, price, availability and images.

    Magnalister's configuration allows store owners to customize the way their products are presented on marketplaces. For example, they can specify the categories and subcategories in which their products should be listed, or define specific attributes and characteristics to provide accurate information to their customers. Once the configuration is complete, Magnalister can automatically submit the product data to the selected marketplaces. This facilitates the listing of products and saves time, as store operators no longer need to manually update each individual platform.


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