Shopware 6 order confirmation tuning: 10 tips for optimizing the order confirmation email

by Meike Müller

Shopware 6 offers extensive customization options for order confirmation emails to make them more informative, user-friendly and appealing. Here are ten tips on how to improve your order confirmation, including repeating the payment method and other important customizations.

1. clearly communicate the payment method

Make sure your customers receive a clear confirmation of their chosen payment method. You can easily include this in the order confirmation email by using the following code:

Selected payment method: {{ }}

Make sure to insert the code in the text as well as in the HTML area and to take all languages into account.

2. increase personalization

Use the customer's name in the salutation to make the email more personal. A simple "Hello [first name]," can increase customer loyalty and improve the customer experience.

3. highlight the order overview

Provide a clear and detailed overview of the products ordered. Use tables or bulleted lists to clearly display the products, their quantities and prices.

4. emphasize delivery information

Inform your customers about the expected delivery time and delivery method. This can clarify many customer queries in advance and shows transparency.

5. customize design

Adapt the layout and design of the email to your corporate design. Use company colors and logos to promote brand recognition.

6. insert a thank you message

Include a thank you message at the beginning or end of the email to express your appreciation for the customer. A small thank you can have a positive impact on the customer relationship.

7. upselling and cross-selling options

Offer suitable products that could complement the purchase. "Customers who bought this were also interested in..." is a classic and effective approach.

8. ask for feedback

Encourage customers to provide feedback on their order or shopping experience. This shows that you are interested in their opinion and strive to constantly improve.

9. add important contact details

Make sure your contact information is easy to find in case customers have questions or need further assistance.

10. include legal information

Don't forget to include all legal information and links, such as terms and conditions, withdrawal policy or privacy policy. This is not only helpful, but also required by law.

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from 07.05.2024

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