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EXWE: Tailor-made digitisation solutions for complex business processes

The digitization of their business processes often appears very complex. EXWE therefore breaks down your process structure into small process chains and identifies the actual point of the problem. Our solution approach is pragmatic and usually begins with the recording of the actual processes. Our technical expertise and the number of implemented projects allow us to define the target environment on this basis. From this delta of actual and target, we derive a customized software solution based on state-of-the-art technologies and proven software architectures. Our expertise in software engineering guarantees you a robust application with a high degree of maintainability and extensibility.


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Agile Software Development

We have had good experiences with agile software development. This means that we will review the application together with you again and again in short cycles. In this way, additional requirements or misunderstandings are recognized early. To achieve this, we rely on the automation of tests, build processes and application deployment.

Aged in the backend

Business Solutions must be robust. This is why we prefer typed languages such as Java or C# for backend development and benefit from the extensive plugin landscape. But script languages such as PHP or JS are also possible. For larger applications, we divide the expertise into several web services. This makes the application easier to scale and maintain.

Relational DB or Graph-DB?

We have experience with different relational databases (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server) as well as with graph databases (RDF). In accordance with your requirements, we will be happy to advise you on finding a suitable architecture.

User Interface / User Experience

An intuitive user interface is essential for efficient operation of your application. We primarily rely on a Web UI as access. For the realization Single Page Applications with modern frameworks like Angular 7+ or React as well as static websites with PHP and JS are used.



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Business Solutions from EXWE – your IT service provider from Dortmund and Düsseldorf: We solve your problems systematically, flexibly & cost-effectively. It is very important to us that our solutions are easy to maintain and expand. This way, your company can continue to grow and is not slowed down by outdated applications. To give you a better impression of what is possible, we have already implemented the following solutions:

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